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As well as having the shop to to sell the Fungi Batik we are also continuing to raise funds for Fungi4Land.

With many land managers beginning to discover the important functions many fungi play in healthy ecosystems. We are writing the core text to a practical guide for Australian land managers. Sapphire McMullan-Fisher and Roz Hart have been involved in fungal community education for more than a decade and hope to work with mycologists across the region to produce a practical and science based guide.

The core text is being written Aug 2018 to July 2019. This is the backbone of the guide but further work is needed to design a book that integrates images and diagrams to clearly demonstrate the amazing interactions fungi have. Also with the many mycologists and land managers contributing to the guide we will need a Content Editor to bring the core text together in a clear and practical voice. Thus, we will require a further $35,000 to produce the finished product- a physical book- published and in the hands of people who need it.

These fundraising items include the Fungi4Land Logo and include a mirror, case, Fabulous Fungi Postcard set by Paul Vallier and you can still pre-purchase the final Fungi4Land book. Read more about Fungi4Land.

We are printing a special-order of gorgeous mycologically-themed clothing in collaboration with Rum Reggae, a high-quality supplier of Batik. These cotton clothes are fun, comfortable and durable. We are supporting a number of exciting mycology and conservation projects by donating funds for every item sold.

Pre-ordering clothing you love helps reduce fashion industry wastage. This year orders will be taken the last three weeks of August 2018 and be delivered early in December 2018 ready for Summer!

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